Andy Selvig presentation on deer hair packing and stacking

Monthly Program and Business Meeting Tomorrow

This Thursday, February 1st, we will have a brief business meeting followed with a presentation by Andy Selvig on stacking and packing deer hair.

This is really a great technique to learn because:

  • You can tie much better deer hair creations than what is typically available in the local flyshop bin. (with the exception of Pat Cohen tied flies available at Lunds Fly Shop).
  • You can learn to pack and trim deer hair so tight, it will float like cork and you’ll swear your fly was carved out of balsa, and colored with a marker pen.
  • You can build a fly so durable that it not only can survive an epic day of bass fishing, but is durable enough to take on the entire season.
  • You can learn, how to incorporate really cool different colors into striking patterns, up/down, spots, and banding through the stacking process.

We’ll be using a modified color scheme of a local favorite fly, the Wilderdilch as our model and improving it into something of a Wilderdilch 2.0. Although Tony insists it won’t REALLY be a true Wilderdilch….. this may raise some neck hackles, although they’ll be deer hair hackles! This presentation and demonstration will be conducted by Andy Selvig, a St. Paul fly Tiers member who sometimes gets out to fish.

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