This page will be featuring and archive of fly of the month that have been tied by
St. Paul Fly Tiers members and guests.

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June Fly of the Month

Crane Fly Soft Hackle

By Greg Meyer
Hook: TMC 101  #14 -16
Thread: 8/0 Yellow Uni
Thorax: Small ball of sulphur orange superfine to splay the soft hackle
Body: Trout Hunter yellow goose biot (can substitute yellow or cream dry fly dubbing with copper wire rib)
Tail/shuck: Zelon (brown or gray) fibers
Hackle: 1-2 turns over-sized light dun hen neck

NOTE: Drop this behind a Sulphur dry fly. Sometimes, especially on the Rush the trout are keyed on yellow crane flies. If not, it looks like a sulphur emerger too.

May Fly of the Month

Hi-Vis Parachute Adams

By Greg Meyer
Hook: TMC 100 or 101 #12 – 20
Thread: 16/0 gray Veevus
Body: Gray Trout Hunter goose biot
Wing/post: Gray Hi-Vis (or antron)
Hackle: Cree rooster hackle
Tail: 10-12 Coque-deLeon hackle fibers
Thorax: Super Fine Adams gray dry fly dubbing

NOTE: Substitute a black post for evening or overcast days. I also change up using different color Hi-Vis in bright colors to help with size choice in fly box (e.g., Pink for #20s, orange for #18s, chartreuse for 16s, etc)

April Fly of the Month

Purple Reign Prince Nymph

By Greg Meyer
Hook: TMC 3761 #10 – 16
Thread: 8/0 purple Uni-thread
Bead: Gold tungsten appropriate to hook size
Body: Purple dyed peacock
Wing: White goose biot
Tail: Golden goose biot
Rib: Purple Krystal Flash
Collar: Purple SLF tri-lobal mixed with gray UV Ice-Dub
Hackle: Two turns black cdc
Weight: Ten turns .20 lead-free wire

NOTE: This is one of my go-to steelhead flies that I’ve been using the last few years. It seemed appropriate to be the F.O.M. given the passing of Prince this week. I just pinched this fly out of my fly box, so it is pretty ratty looking. I’ll get a better fly and photo after we get back from the BigHorn. ~G

January Fly of the Month

Blueberry Starling
By Chris Sprau
Hook: TMC 3761 #12 -14
Thread: 6/0 black
Thorax: Blue tungsten bead
Body: Fine black ultra wire, copper ultra wire
Hackle: Starling

February Fly of the Month

Mercury Zebra Midge Buzzer

By Bob Feiker
Hook: TMC 2488 #18 – 22
Thread: 8/0 black
Bead: Clear glass bead
Body: Fine ultra wire and black thread
Wing: Antron

Fly of the Month November 2011

Brown Steel Stone

Hook: TMC 3769 #8, 10
Thread: 6/0 brown
Bead: 5/32 black metal
Rib: Brown rubber
Abdomen: Kaufman’s brown stone dubbing
Thorax: Brown ostrich herl
Legs: Brown hen saddle tied soft hackle style

Fly of the Month September 2011

Czech Mate Caddis

By Bob Feiker
Hook: TMC 2457 #6 – 8
Thread: 6/0 olive
Bead: 5/32 black metal
Rib: Medium Copper wire
Abdomen: Green ice dubbing
Thorax: Fluorescent synthetic dubbing

Fly of the Month August 2011

Pheasant Tail Nymph

By Ed Saindon
Hook: TMC 3761 #14 – 22
Thread: 8/0 tan
Tail: Pheasant tail fibers
Rib: Small copper wire
Abdomen: Wrapped pheasant tail fibers
Thorax: Peacock ice dubbing
Wing case: Pheasant tail fibers
Legs: Pheasant tail fibers

Fly of the Month July 2011

Tup’s Indispensible

By Andy Fiskness
Hook: 3906B #14 – 16
Thread: Gray 8/0
Hackle: Sharptail grouse
Tail: Sharptail grouse
Abdomen: Yellow Pearsall’s silk floss
Thorax: Hendrickson pink dubbing

Fly of the Month May 2011

Copper Bead Wet Pheasant

By Andy Fiskness
Hook: Tiemco 2457 size #14-18
Thread: Tan 6/0
Body: Wrapped pheasant tail fibers
Rib: Copper wire
Tail: Pheasant tail fibers
Collar: Brown hackle

Fly of the Month April 2011

Disco Caddis Emerger

By Andy Fiskness
Hook: Tiemco 100 size #16-18
Thread: Olive 6/0
Body: Olive flash dubbing
Tail: White z-lon
Head: Olive flash dubbing
Wing : Stacked elk hair

Fly of the Month February 2011

Kinky Muddler

By Bob Feiker
Hook: Mustad Signature C68S size #2-3/0
Thread: Fine monofilament
Tail: Bucktail tied under 3 pairs of saddle hackles. Tied in tented fashion to create and inverted V.
Hackle: Grizzly brown
Head: Blended kinky fiber and angel hair
Eyes: 3D

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